Happy Birthday, James!

James had a birthday! We love this sweet energetic little boy. He brings so much joy to our family.

James’ kindergarten had a whole special day for the birthday kids. James helped make a cake, got to sit in the center of the circle and be given birthday wishes and hugs from each member of the class, blow out candles, wear a crown, and bring home a gift. This year he got a personalized towel that his teacher made for him. She works so hard to make birthdays special for the children. James was so happy about his birthday celebration.

The kids had a great time watching James open his presents. His Duplo castle was the cause of celebration from everyone and has been a favorite toy ever since! I love how excited all the kids get to watch each other open presents.

James said he wanted lemon meringue pie for his cake. I have never made one before, so I was a little hesitant, but I decided to give it a go. Lemon meringue pie has long been something the kids wanted to try since they read about it in Amelia Bedelia. I made mini lemon meringue pies for everyone, there was much cheering and happiness when James blew out the candles, and then James graciously said he didn’t really want pie and we could have it all.

His gifts from Grandma and Grandpa came a week or so later in the mail. James was so excited to have presents, round 2! He got a super fun Lego set and a Mickey Mouse book that he loves.

We are so grateful to have James in our family. He is happy, excited, energetic, sweet, snuggly, and sensitive. He loves to be around people, play with everyone, try to be like his big brother, help his Mom, and hums constantly. His kindergarten teacher always says he is “immer lustig” and I have always called him “My Happy”. He is a pirate, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, a zookeeper, a knight, a spy, Mr. Mischief, a silly boy, and a sweetheart. He is so proud to show off his somersaults, loves to dance, loves to give hugs, and tell me he loves me. His sweet smile brightens our day and his mischievous grin keeps us on our toes. Happy Birthday!

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