Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was extra special this year because Chris was in town! We started out the day by going out for breakfast at a cute cafe we had never tried before. I had breakfast tacos that were super amazing.

I love going out to breakfast, so this was the best way to start a birthday!

We went to the art museum after breakfast. Without kids! It is amazing how different an experience it is at the art museum without little people to entertain.

I had lots of cute cards and gifts from the kids. They are so sweet and I love seeing all the creative things they make for me. Oliver made me a rubber band bracelet, Elora made me a thankful journal where I can write what I am thankful for this month, and Marion and James made pretty pictures for me.

Chris made a yummy fruit tiramisu for us to enjoy with the kids. In my family the appropriate number of candles for your age are always used. I stopped being able to blow out all the candles when I was 12. This year I got them all blown out! Yay for lung capacity (and kids who probably helped)!

Chris and I enjoyed an evening out to dinner at our favorite place. It was a really great day and I felt very loved. I love birthdays and this was definitely a special one.

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