Robinson Spielplatz

Our friends invited us to the Robinson Spielplatz today. This was our first time at this park and wow! We were super surprised by what we found. There is so much to explore.

There are really big tree forts all over the place. The park looks small when you walk in, but once you start wandering around and exploring, there is so much to see! We were there a few hours, and I was still finding new little forts just before we left.

I took a lot of pictures because I hope someday I will have a backyard as awesome as this park. This place was like heaven for my little explorer kids.

I followed Marion and James around a lot since they are the smallest and I wasn’t sure if they would need my help. Marion just wanted to show me all the cool houses she could climb up into, and James is completely fearless and tried climbing anything and everything while we were there. Must have been his Super James cape.

There was a cute little enclosure with bunnies inside. James and Marion were so excited to go in and pet the rabbits. They explored all over to see how many bunnies they could find. There was also a spot with ducks, and Elora reported seeing tanks of fish and Venus Fly Traps.

They had a spot set up with water rockets that Oliver had a great time with. There were also materials to build rafts in the pond, so I ended up with some very wet children when their first raft building attempts didn’t quite float on top of the water.

Little James was super proud of himself when he climbed this wall and came down the rope. He asked me to watch him climb and come down five times in a row.

Some of the tree houses had little baskets with pulleys that traveled between trees or were used to bring up supplies from the ground. James thought these were super fun and spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the baskets go where he wanted. He was also super excited when he figured out how to climb a rope ladder!

We had 17 kids there at the park and they had fun lining up in age order while waiting for the tram. The moms spent a lot of time counting as we were leaving the park to make sure everyone was accounted for! It was a great adventure with lots of fun friends and we can’t wait to go back to this amazing place again!

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