Virgilkapelle and City Wander

There is a really neat little museum in the Stephansplatz U-Bahn station. It is an underground church that was excavated during the construction of the U-Bahn. It was burned in a fire in the 1700s and buried, along with an old graveyard around the Stephansdom Cathedral. On the first Sunday of every month the museum is free, so we took Nana and Christiana to see it while they were visiting.

There are really nice interactive tablet audioguides and screens in the museum. The kids love the audioguides because they have lots of information, but also performances of middle age poems and music that you can listen to. I found the interactive screens very informative with pictures of the excavation of the church and the reconstruction of damaged parts as well as information about what the church originally looked like. It was one of the most detailed audioguides and exhibits I have seen in a museum here. We all learned a lot about the middle ages in Vienna. The best part is that even if you come on a day where you pay to get in, the kids are all free but are still allowed to have the audioguides, meaning they are entertained while I look around a learn cool stuff too. Definitely worth a visit if you walk by it!

It was a nice cool day outside, so we walked around downtown a bit to see the sights. We tried to get a selfie of everyone in front of St. Stephans Cathedral. This was the best we could get with all these rowdy kids.

Some of the kids were not cooperating with all the fun photos we wanted to take.



The kids love the stairs to the Albertina museum, so we ran up to get a view of the city.

There are beautiful views of the Opera House from the top of the Albertina!

We loved this cool fountain near the Graben. Right across from the fountain is a church with a really neat old map of Vienna carved out of stone on the wall.

Last stop of the day – the Burggarten. The kids just love running around there and were of course excited to show Nana and Christiana the Mozart statue. We always have to visit Mozart on our way out of the garden. The kids love looking at this statue and all the different sides of it. We enjoyed this beautiful, cool rainy day out in the city!


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