Strandbad Angelibad

We have recently discovered Strandbad Angelibad – a “beach” along the Donau River with a beautiful tree-lined grassy area, a wading pool, floating dock, and play structures for kids. We absolutely love it. The kids love looking for fish and rocks in the river, swimming out to the dock to jump in the river, and hanging out beneath the trees. It stays nice and cool even on the hottest days, and there is so much room to swim that even when it is crowded, the swimming is still pleasant. I don’t have any swimming pictures because I keep forgetting to bring my water proof camera.

On the way there from the train station, there is a beautiful section of blackberry bushes. The last time we went the berries were finally ripe and Chris and the kids enjoyed picking berries to snack on. The boys always spend a lot of time on this fun pirate ship play structure. It is such a fun place to play on a hot summer day.

Chris bought this huge blow up whale at Hofer and then we couldn’t get all the air out so Elora carried it all the way to the pool. It is quite a long ways to get there and she struggled with it on the crowded train. She had two seats filled and then a lady came and asked her to move over so she could sit down. Christiana and I laughed the whole train ride as we looked over at little Elora hiding behind her whale.

It is quite a feat to get all the air out of this huge blow up whale! Elora helped by lounging on it while we tried to get the air out.

Chris bought a fun ring toss game at the store that we took to the pool. Our sweet friend EV thought it was a great game. James enjoyed playing with her. We love being outside with friends when it is too hot to be in our non-air conditioned apartment!

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