We had a nice hot week where it was unbearable to stay home in the hot apartment, so we went swimming. A LOT. We enjoyed going to different pools with different friends every day, and found a new pool that we really enjoy at Wahringerpark.

We brought some lunch and enjoyed swimming with friends all afternoon. Elora had packed the swim bag, and had forgotten to pack the floaties for Marion and James. We tried to go without and Christiana did a great job getting Marion to try out a little bit of swimming and kicking her feet. In the end I went to the ice cream stand and they had some swim rings and floaties for sale that were not too expensive. The kids were a little sad that I spent our popsicle money on floaties, but it made the pool day a lot more fun for the little ones.

After our friends left we had an epic Marco Polo game that went on for almost an hour and the kids were still having a great time at the pool. James stepped on a bee and got stung. I thought that would be the end of our fun, but after a little bit of ice we managed to get him back in the pool for more swimming fun. It was a wonderful afternoon and we are so glad that we found this new swimming spot! It was a lot of fun for everyone. Deep enough for big kids to swim, a little playground, not too crowded, nice trees, and the popsicle stand with floaties for sale was a life saver!

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