It has been a super hot week with a lot of swimming, but we took a break from the pool to show Christiana the Schatzkammer (the Imperial Treasury). It is air conditioned and has amazing jewels, crowns, capes, and more.

We could only get two audioguides, so the kids had to share. Marion got one because I figured we wouldn’t get to visit at all with the tantrum that would be thrown if Marion did not get one, and Christiana got one because she has never been there before. She shared with Elora, Marion shared a little with Oliver, and that left me with a very disappointed James. I told him that I would be his personal audioguide.

In the first few rooms of the exhibit, I read every single plaque to James as his personal audio guide. He was super interested to hear about each and every herald’s staff, coronation robe, keys, and crowns. I also learned a lot more than I usually do, because James was willing to take the time to look at every item in each room.

It is always interesting to me to see which items are of most interest to the kids. Marion loved this fancy column because it had lions on it. Elora always loves to look at the big emerald. James loved all the robes and herald’s staffs.

We entered one room with lots of staffs, so I said, “Look James! These are all herald’s staffs!”

To which he responded, “These are all Herald’s?! He has a lot of staffs!”

Christiana liked that this piece is three dimensional. She pretended to high five Attila and James frantically said, “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT!”

Christiana sprouted a unicorn horn while we were looking around the treasury!

We had a fun time looking around the gift shop. James was so excited about this costume the we ended up buying it.

Having a new costume around always inspires lots of dressing up at our house. I love it when the kids dress up!

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