Christiana was super excited to go to Prater for the day this past Saturday. We let each kid pick five rides to go on, a huge splurge for all of them! It was fun to see what everyone chose and it made for a very full day.

We started out the day by renting this awesome bike. The kids have been on one with Chris before, but this was my first time on the big bike riding around the Prater. I’m amazed that there was a bike that could fit all of us!

Bike ride selfie! The kids said they were tired of peddling after about 5 minutes, but we managed to last for almost half an hour with Oliver cheering us on from the back seat.

It was a hot day, so Elora and Oliver chose to go on the log ride. Chris and I happily joined them! There were some fun views of the park from the top and Oliver kept yelling at Chris to put his phone away so it didn’t get wet.

Oliver and Christiana were excited to go on some roller coasters together. They love the fast rides!

Marion really wanted to go on this fairy tale ride. James joined her and they had so much fun riding on the car with the big dragon in the front. The ride operator was a nice older lady who gave the kids each a piece of candy at the end of their ride. She was super nice and the kids were happy to go on a fun ride and get candy as an added bonus!

Marion and James really enjoyed going on a pony ride. James was so excited when we told him he looked like a cool cowboy.

We convinced Christiana to go in the Fun House with us. We had a lot of fun in the weird tunnels, funny mirrors, black lights, and glass maze that we got trapped in.

Some more adventurous rides for the bigger kids!

While Christiana and Chris went on a bigger ride, the kids and I found a really fun Arctic Explorer ride. Each person gets a pretend camera and takes “pictures”. We had a great time exploring, taking pictures, going under the sea, and were surprised by the “avalanche”. It was my favorite ride of the day.

The kids decided to cool off in the fountain. Elora accidentally slipped and got really wet. As James ran over to go in the water I told him to please walk because it was slippery, just as he slipped and fell in the water too. Luckily nothing more was bruised than Elora’s pride and they still enjoyed getting wet and cooling off.

Everyone found rides that were fun for them and even though it was a little pricey to take so many kids on rides, the lines were short and we had a really fun time together!

Oliver was quite proud of himself for being able to carry his little brother on his shoulders while waiting for the train home. We had such a fun day.

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