Haus des Meeres

The weather has gotten cool this past week, so we decided to go to Haus des Meeres on a nice windy afternoon.

The best public transit entertainment is taking pictures. The kids are such hams.

There are some awesome tunnels that walk through big fish tanks on the first floor of the aquarium. We had a good time looking into the tank from every side to see the fish and baby sharks.

The turtles were very active and swimming all around their tanks. I tried to get a picture of a few of my favorite turtles, only noticing later that you can see the kids in the background of the pictures because they were crawling around in the tunnels that go behind the turtle tank! I love all the little tunnels and bubble windows in the tanks of the aquarium.

The little monkeys were down near the railings during our visit. The kids were all excited to see the monkeys up close, and Christiana humored me with lots of photos of her with the cute little monkeys.

In the bird room we enjoyed seeing all the birds up close today, and more little monkeys! I have never seen so many little monkeys hopping around. We must have come at just the right time of day. Elora drew some pictures of beautiful birds and was excited to pose near one of her favorite feathered friends.

Marion also got to see her favorite lizard friend along with bugs and snakes!

We stopped by the doctor fish and Christiana got to enjoy having the fish nibble her fingers. She said it tickled her hand a lot.

Oliver pretending to be a hermit crab.

I am amazed at how many different types of animals there are in the Haus des Meeres. It is such a fun building to explore with lots of floors, hidden rooms, tunnels, and a variety of animals. The kids had such a fun time exploring and every trip is a mix between visiting old favorites and finding new creatures.

We went out to the viewing platform to get a view of the city. They have put up a fence around the whole thing which spoils the view a little bit, but the kids also seemed more comfortable pretending to throw each other off the roof than they would have been without a fence. I tried to get a picture of everyone together, but Marion declined to participate.

There is a staircase that walks down the outside of the building from the viewing platform. The older kids thought it looked like fun (and added bonus, you don’t have to exit through the gift shop!) so we headed down. This is how James felt about that decision.

The view walking down was really nice. You could even look in through the windows and see some of the animals.

We played at the playground in the amazing fall-like weather for the rest of the afternoon. I love that there is a playground near the aquarium so you can have indoor and outdoor fun all in the same day!

We headed home for dinner, but sidetracked by a bakery on the way. Everyone got to pick out their own treat. I always think it is funny that the boys always pick savory while the girls always pick chocolate. It was a fun full afternoon!


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