Time Travel Vienna and a Night at the Volksoper

The kids had so much fun with Nana and Grampy. We were sad when their visit came to a close. The kids picked out some great last adventures to have with their grandparents. The big kids have been wanting to see Time Travel Vienna. The little kids were having a rough day, so we let the big kids, Chris, Nana, and Grampy go enjoy Time Travel Vienna.

Time Travel Vienna was a pretty neat experience. There were exhibits about the history of the city to explore and also a film with special effects such as pretend rats running under your feet to help you really experience the history you were watching! The kids really enjoyed it.

After Time Travel, we went to Cafe Sacher for hot chocolate and some fancy desserts. These may have been wasted on the kids. They didn’t really care for the Sacher Torte. They did enjoy being somewhere fancy and getting hot chocolate.

For the month of September, tickets to the Volksoper were one Euro for kids. For Nana’s last night with us, we took her to see The Magic Flute at the Volksoper. The kids already love the music from this opera, so they were super excited to see it. Grampy stayed home with the little ones, and Elora and Oliver were so happy to have a grown up night at the opera.

We read about the plot before we went (always a good plan when the opera is in a language you don’t understand!) so we were able to explain what was happening to the kids when there was a lot of dialogue. We rented a little pair of opera glasses, which Elora really enjoyed. We sat in the top balcony which turned out to be really nice. The view of the stage was great, and you could also look right down into the orchestra pit. Oliver loved watching the orchestra. It was a wonderful way to spend our last night with Nana.

The opera was a big hit with the kids and Oliver has been performing “Ruffy’s Magic Flute” with his stuffed animals ever since.

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