Vienna Schatzkammer Treasury


We took the kids to the Hofburg Imperial Treasury, locally known as the Schatzkammer. Tickets are included in our annual pass to the Art History Museum and since our card is expiring we decided it was time for a visit.

The kids love listening to the audio guide and discovering all the interesting historical facts about the treasures, such Narwhale tusks being thought of as unicorn horns with magical powers or conferring kingly rights. Even James enjoys listening to the tour, but mostly he’s just happy we let him push whatever button he pleases.


Outside of the Schatzkammer the courtyard in middle the Hofburg is a great place to run around and make a spectacle yourself for the tourists. We didn’t stay long because it was so bright that the kids couldn’t see anything!


After the Treasury we walked over to a park near the Rathaus (City Hall) and played in the park. Here’s Oliver practicing to be a model for kids H&M. Oliver loves climbing on the side of fences and walking along them. It makes every trip that much slower!


The park at the Rathaus has a variety of equipment, but naturally the kids gravitate toward the water playground. And for some reason the city uses sand that stains when wet. We are totally building a water playground like this when we go home that drains into our garden. Minus the staining sand of course.

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