What We Do – July Edition

July is when our garden starts producing! My little rabbits love this time of year.

For the first few weeks we don’t actually get enough vegetables to cook. The kids just munch on everything we pick. Sometimes a little of it makes it into the house.

Oliver loves his gardening gloves. He calls them Iron Man gloves. I love that because then he will wear them and help me in the garden. He is getting pretty good at pulling weeds.

James loves to wear his hat. Apparently he does not love wearing pants, because he often tries to run away when we want to put pants on him. But he is still pretty cute in his hat.

Elora is James’ buddy. They play together a lot, and Elora loves to take care of her little brother.

James was jamming while playing the drums on the diaper box and singing in the kitchen. This little guy has tons of energy and always keeps us hopping.

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