Brian Head Fun for the Summer

We spent some time up in Brian Head this summer. They have built a pond up there which is SO FUN! A great addition to an already great place. We went to check it out as soon as we got there. It is right by our condo.

Of course the kids got wet as soon as we arrived.

James thought it was super funny to throw rocks in the water. We had to discourage him from this, he likes throwing things at people too…

Marion likes to pretend she is a rock. The other kids say really great things like, “Look at that yellow rock!” And Elora is a ham.

We went hiking under the chair lift that is near our condo. It is such a great mountain to explore.

Elora caught a grasshopper and James was really scared of it. Silly boy.

All the kids enjoy looking at bugs they find on the ground though. Maybe James is just scared of Elora because she thinks it is fun to hold bugs.

There is actually a deer on the mountain above the kids. They were trying to get a little closer to it.

There is a tree at Brian Head called “The Mardi Gras Tree” which is covered in bras and mardi gras beads. My kids call it “The Underwear Tree” and they really wanted to hike to it because Elora had noticed a pair of shoes hanging from it in the winter when she went up the chair lift one day while out skiing.

Chris tried to lift Elora up to reach the shoes, but they were too high. We did get a couple necklaces down though.

These beautiful flowers are called Columbine flowers and they are found in shady places on the mountain. They are one of my favorite flowers.

James is holding a bug!!! I convinced him that lady bugs are nice, and he got excited to hold it. He was sad when it flew away so we tried to go find it, but it went into a nice grove of trees.

Our condos are on the buildings you can see at the bottom of the mountain.

James found some nice bumblebees to look at on these pretty yellow flowers. We convinced him not to touch those bugs.

Marion is always dancing to her own tune. We love that about her.

And Chris likes to take naps.

We went hiking behind our condo and found all kinds of little streams on the hill. My little hams posed for me near a little waterfall.

Marion found a rock she liked near the lake. Which makes sense, since she is a rock too.

There is a fun playground at Brian Head and they got some new equipment this year which we have really enjoyed.

The chair lift swing is my favorite.

Chris and I enjoy swinging on the chair lift swing together.

We went hiking up on Brian Head Peak the next day. It was a little chillier up there.

Chris, Elora, and Oliver made it farther than me and the little ones. They followed this trail all the way to a ski run they like to go on.

Marion wasn’t feeling well, so she got to ride in the baby carrier. Such a sweet little cuddler. I love this baby carrier, it is way better than just having to carry a three year old.

James was a little sad that he didn’t get to ride in the baby carrier, but he found a better place to ride.

And finally figured out how cool hiking is!!!

We went up to Brian Head Peak to see the house on top of the mountain. For two years we have been wondering what the house is. You can see it when you are driving to Brian Head and when skiing in the resort. It is just a nice look out place that was built by the CCCs in the 1930s.

You can see parts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada from the top of this peak.

It is super windy, but a really beautiful view.

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